5 Brand Event Ideas to Inspire Your Next Campaign


One of the best and powerful ways to build a story about your brand is through experiential activity. This is because it is through events that you are able to establish a lifestyle and aspiration that your audiences would want to achieve once they experience your brand’s products and services.

Brand events are becoming increasingly common these days, and this can be because consumers are looking beyond the name of the brand, but the experience that they can get from it. The top 10 event management companies in Singapore are already familiar with this, and they often use it as a fundamental perspective when creating event ideas for their client brands.

Below are 5 brand event ideas that may help inspire your upcoming campaign, based on the works of the top 10 event management companies in Singapore:

  1. Bringing the Disney experience to the country.

We all know that there’s no Disneyland in Singapore, so Changi Airport brought a piece of it right on its premises by doing a Disney-themed makeover for Christmas 2014. The airport became a place for Disney-themed attractions which travellers and visitors both enjoyed. Kids were even able to roam around the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle and play on the ball slide inside the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

This brand event brought to life the aspirations of the public as they got a taste of Disneyland without having go to the place itself. This proves to be important among consumers because it was the brand itself that reached out to them.

  1. A different take on the great outdoors.

Outdoor events provide a lot of opportunities for brands to market their business, in the sense that they can serve as witnesses to the bonding of family and friends. If you want to be remembered as a brand who made a way for people to come and enjoy the day together, then you may want to make use of an outdoor environment.

This is exactly what White Sands Shopping Mall capitalised on. It gave mall goers a new way to bond by setting up an outdoor movie screening of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in its open field. Children and adults also got to play games that gave them the chance to win prizes as well.

  1. Host a do-good campaign.

People become more supportive of a brand when it is known to do something for the benefit of a certain cause or interest. This is because when they see that your brand is doing something for a cause, they want to take part in doing the good deed as well.

SGX Bull Charge has been doing a charity run for years already, but it opted to share the cause to the public by installing inflatable obstacle courses and conducted various activities for participants to enjoy. At the end of the day, the event garnered over $2.7 million in charity funds.

  1. Share the taste of quality experience.

If you want to promote the best strengths of your brand, then you’d have your target customers taste it. This was what The Economist did when it announced that it is now available for digital subscription. Being known for its amazing, factual and informative articles, The Economist handed out the perfect item to represent its content: free cups of Kopi Luwak. People were able to taste the deep and rich taste of this famously expensive coffee, which is the same quality The Economist offers in its digital magazine issues.

  1. Make the event a venue for collaborative effort.

You may also want create an event that gathers other businesses together for a collaborative project. Take for example what Grab did during the Food Truck Fest. In the said fete, over 14 food vendors came together to feature their best gastronomic delights, while Grab used this as an opportunity to present its mobile wallet function so people can easily order and pay for their food.


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