Why Entertainment Polls Are a Valuable Form of Social Media


Have you noticed all the entrainment polls that are cropping up lately? Maybe you have seen them on social media sites where people vote on hot celebrities. Maybe your friend has created one and sent it to you. Maybe you have noticed them on your favorite entertainment blogs. But they are everywhere and they are an unsung form of social media.

Polls aren’t typically thought of as social media, especially not entertainment polls, but they definitely are. Social media is about letting users share their own voice to whoever they want. A poll is a great thing to share, even if it just means casting a vote for a few simple options. Whenever we cast a vote we are making a statement, whether it is for president or a favorite band.

Moreover, entertainment polls often have the same social media functions we are used to. They are easy shared with others, and doing so allows us to talk about our opinion. When a user puts their answer to a poll on their favorite book as a status message they are not just encouraging others to vote on the poll–they are inviting people to discuss their own choice.

Additionally, many come with comments enabled. That means when you vote on entertainment polls you can comment directly, allowing others to know what you think about the media or celebrity in question, or even if you thought it was an unfair poll. Comments are another way to voice an opinion. Combined with polling, that’s twice as much power for a person’s viewpoint than a normal site.

Entertainment pollsĀ are also valuable even if you can’t answer them. If you see a poll about movies you have never seen and there are two clear stand-outs, you might be more likely to check out those movies–they are clearly popular! Likewise, if a friend of yours votes on or shares a poll with you, you can see what kind of things they are interested in and make recommendations to them. It gives you another way to connect with people in social network.

As you can see, polls are a great way to share you opinion, learn others, and find out new things. In short, they function like some of the best social media out there and since they are single function, they are a lot easier to use, share, and understand. Next time you’re thinking of ways to add social media to your website, you might want to consider entertainment polls–they draw in users and give them a reason to stay.


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